Going Green...

TIAHCO advocates building "green." Simply stated, when you build green, you use your resources efficiently to construct buildings that:
  • Improve human health
  • Are good for the environment
  • Provide cost savings
And how cost effective is building green?
  • A green building may cost more up front, but saves you money through lower operating costs over the life of the building, especially cooling and heating costs.
  • TIAHCO's structurally insulated panelized building system creates an extremely well insulated and air tight building envelope. And an efficient building envelope is a critical component in green building.
  • The degree of building tightness capable with structurally insulated panels gives better control over the quality of your indoor environment.
  • The expanded polystyrene (EPS) in the panel core uses no ozone depleting CFC's or HCFC's in the manufacturing process.
  • Our building process uses no environmentally damaging processes like overcutting of trees or mining for raw materials necessary for brick and block making
  • On site construction waste is significantly reduced with minimal cutting required in the field.
  • In the first year of installation, the average panel home saves 19 times the energy it takes to make the EPS insulation.
  • And any excess EPS waste created during the manufacturing process is recycled to make other EPS products.

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